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Our Mission

Our mission at Kamakani O Ka Moku 'Āina Performing Arts Academy is to ignite a passion in an emerging generation to VALUE, EMBRACE, and EXPRESS the beauty of culture.

Our Mission

Our Values

At Kamakani O Ka Moku 'Āina Performing Arts Academy we are passionate about the next generation and the positive role that understanding their culture can play in their lives. The way we see this all coming together is by valuing:



We believe that support from a child's family is key in seeing them flourish. 



We believe that cultivating a respectful relationship between instructors, students, and peers is important to creating a healthy environment to learn and to overflow in creating respectful relationships in family, school, and community.



We strive to teach each student that they are responsible for themselves in and outside of classes. And the amount of effort they put into their classes is the outcome they will see in the end.



We see value in each culture and the lessons that it can teach us. We believe that this can be accomplished by teaching the basics of culture which include, language, history, and customs. We also believe that to truly understand who you are you must understand where you came from. 



We value performing arts because it's the tool we use to express creativity. We also view performing arts as a means for students to learn humility and service to others.



We value excellence in all that we do. Excellence to us means displaying the best effort that you're capable of and then striving to get better. From the classroom to the stage, excellence is our goal.

Kamakani o Ka Moku 'Āina Performing Arts Academy is part of Island Breeze Ministries Hawai'i. 

Who is Island Breeze Ministries?

Island Breeze Ministries is a member of the family of ministries of Youth With A Mission (YMAM) and has been in operation in Hawai’i since 1979. We have more than 25 years of experience training and equipping young people, challenging them in their relationship with God and in His purpose for their lives. In more than two decades the ministry has been able to travel to and impact every continent in the world.

Island Breeze Hawai’i is a multi-ethnic worldwide community of Christians, committed to the mission of equipping and releasing all nations, tribes, people and languages–wherever they may be– to use the power and beauty of significant indigenous cultural expressions to proclaim and establish the Kingdom of God within the nations of the world.


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Sefa was born in Samoa and moved to NZ when he was 11. With him, he brought his love and passion to his Samoan culture. Sefa went to school in Kelston and was a Teachers Aide at Kelston Intermediate where he also helped tutor the Samoan Group.

Victoria was born and raised in Kailua-Kona, Hi, and started dancing Hula at the age of 5 with Kamakani O Ka Moku 'Āina Hale Hula. She became an Alaka'i at 14. Hula has been a huge part of her life and has taught her a lot about humility, love, and respect for cultures.

Both Sefa and Victoria have a passion for culture, the performing arts, and the next generation. They are honored to have been asked to step into this position by Kumu Paoakalani Patu in 2021 and are looking forward to what's to come for Kamakani O Ka Moku 'Āina!

Brooke Anderson

Dance Instructor

Leilani Keanaaina

Dance Instructor

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